Evergestis pallidata

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Evergestis pallidata
Evergestis pallidata

Evergestis pallidata

Class : Insects (Insecta)
Order : Butterflies (Lepidoptera)
Family : Crambidae
Subfamily : Evergestinae
Genre : Evergestis
Type : Evergestis pallidata
Scientific name
Evergestis pallidata
( Hufnagel , 1767)

Evergestis pallidata is a butterfly from the family of Crambidae . The species is widespread in Europe, Northern Asia, and North America.

Evergestis pallidata


The moths reach a wingspan of 24 to 26 millimeters. The basic color of the forewings is a glossy yellow with brownish-red transverse lines, stigmata and veins that create a mesh pattern. The hind wings are iridescent white with some incomplete brown lines.

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Way of life

The moths fly in one generation from July to September. The eggs are laid on the underside of the caterpillar forage plants, usually near the midrib. Proven forage plants of the oligophageous caterpillars are rocket ( Sisymbrium ), winter cress ( Barbarea ), diplotaxis , foam herbs ( Cardamine ), cabbage ( Brassica ), spoonweed ( Cochlearia ) and mustard ( Sinapis arvensis ). The caterpillars first feed on the midrib, later holes are made in the leaves. They overwinter in a cocoon in the ground and then pupate in May and June. The moths also fly during the day, but more often at night. You are attracted to the artificial light .


The originally Palearctic species is now widespread in Europe, northern Asia to southern Siberia and North America (introduced from Europe). It occurs in fresh and / or swampy forest clearings and edges.



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