Lambert Jacobsz.

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Prophet Elisha and his servant Gehazi (1629)

Lambert Jacobsz. (* 1598 in Amsterdam ; † June 23, 1636 in Leeuwarden ) was a son of the cloth merchant Jacob Theunisz. from Leer in East Frisia . He worked as a painter in Leeuwarden and was the father of Abraham Lambertsz. van den Tempel .

About Lambert Jacobsz. we are only sparsely informed. Only a few pictures of him are known. One of them, which depicts the disobedient prophet's farewell in a landscape (and is fully inscribed with “Lambert Jacobsz f (ecit) 1629”) can be seen in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam . Lambert Jacobsz. was acquainted with Rembrandt. Lambert Jacobsz's. “Paulus”, also made in 1629, is said to have seen Rembrandt in Leeuwarden when he visited his Saskia there around 1632 ; his pictures of the apostles from the first thirties clearly reveal this influence. Also Jan Lievens has this or similar works of Lambert Jacobsz. probably known when he painted his Paul.

In Lower Saxony State Museum , Hannover his 1629 created image depends "Elisha and Gehazi" . It depicts the scene from the Old Testament of the prophet Elisa and his servant Gehazi (2nd Kings, 5, 25-26). In the story, the prophet Elisa had healed the Aramaic field captain Naëman from leprosy. He refused his thanks, but his servant tricked himself into receiving the presents.