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Antares 20E
Antares 20E
Type: Motor sailer
Design country:

Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany


Long aviation

First flight:




Number of pieces:

> 60 (Antares 20E and 23E together, as of 2015)

A Antares 20E of the DLR , in which the electric power by means of hydrogen over a fuel cell is produced

The Lange Antares 20E is a single-seater, self-launching motor glider with an electric drive from Lange Aviation . It is the first serially produced motor glider of its kind. Delivery of the customer machines began in 2004.



The drive system of the Antares 20E is based on lithium-ion batteries . The DC voltage is fed to the motor via a current regulator. The brushless DC motor can be folded into the fuselage and drives a pressure screw.


There are 72 rechargeable batteries integrated in the wing, the operating voltage is 268 V. The battery charging time is 9 hours and is done by an on-board charger that can be connected to a 230 V or 110 V socket. In a cold environment, the battery is heated to achieve full performance. The service life of the batteries is 1500 charging cycles, then 80% of the capacity is still available. Irrespective of this, the battery must be replaced after ten years. Since this type of battery is also used in American military programs, it can be supplied until 2031 according to the contract. The stored energy is around 14 kWh. The battery charger can send the current charge status via SMS . In addition, remote maintenance can be carried out via the GSM modem.


The structure has a wing with a laminar profile and an elliptical floor plan, which is suitable for speeds of up to 245 km / h. The flap can be moved to -3 ° in high-speed flight. There are winglets at the ends of the wings . The wing flaps are designed as flaperons . To make landing easier, Schempp-Hirth airbrakes are integrated into the wing. A T-tail is used.

A spring-loaded, hydraulically retractable and extendable main gear wheel equipped with a disc brake and a steerable tail wheel are used as the landing gear. The rim diameter is 5 inches. The spring / damper elements can absorb significant amounts of energy in the event of a hard landing. The tip of the fuselage has a crumple zone, while the rest of the cabin is made as a rigid frame.

Technical specifications

Parameter Antares dates 20
span 20 m
Wing area 12.6 m²
Elongation 32
length 7.40 m
height 1.64 m
Empty mass 460 kg
Takeoff mass 660 kg
Water ballast 100 l
Best glide ratio 56
Sink rate 0.49 m / s at 530 kg
Stall speed 73 km / h at 530 kg
Electric power 42 kW at a speed of 1500 rpm
Rate of climb 4.4 m / s at 530 kg, 3.7 m / s at 600 kg
Rise height 3000 m at 530 kg, 2750 m at 600 kg

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