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The Lenaia ( Greek Λήναια Lenaia Germanized even Lenaea ) were in ancient Greece Festival in honor of the god Dionysus . They probably originally took place in the Lenaion , the sacred precinct of Dionysus Lenaios on the Agora of Athens , since the middle of the 5th century BC. In the Dionysostheater on the southeast slope of the Acropolis .

The three-day festival took place in January / February. In contrast to the Dionysias , the focus was on the comedies , five of which were performed, but only two tragedies (and no satyrs ).

Winners lists

  • Magnes: 11 victories at Lenaen and Dionysia
  • Menander : 8 victories at the Lenées
  • Telekleides: 5 victories at the Lenées (3 victories at the Dionysia)
  • Aristophanes : at least 4 victories in the Lenaen (at least 2 victories in the Dionysia)
  • Hermippos : 4 victories in the Lenaen (at least 1 victory in the Dionysia)
  • Eupolis : 3 victories at the Lenaen (4 victories at the Dionysia)
  • Kratinos : 3 victories in the Lenaen (6 victories in the Dionysia)
  • Pherekrates : 2 victories in the Lenaeans (1 victory in the Dionysia)
  • Phrynichos : 2 victories in the Lenaen (at least 1 victory in the Dionysia)
  • Plato : at least 1 victory in the Dionysia

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