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Position of the lumbar vertebrae (red), the five bones L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5 (v. O. N. U.)

The lumbar vertebrae ( Vertebrae lumbales ) form the lumbar section of the spine , which is also known as the lumbar spine . Humans have five, ungulates usually six and predators seven lumbar vertebrae. In birds, the lumbar vertebrae are fused with the sacrum to form the synsacrum .


Lumbar vertebrae of man

The vertebral body ( corpus vertebrae ) is roughly cylindrical . The vertebral arch ( Arcus vertebrae ) begins with relatively strong feet ( Pediculi arcus vertebrae ), which show a notch on the upper side (in animals front) and underside (back) ( Incisura vertebralis superior or inferior , in animals Incisura vertebralis cranialis or inferior) . caudalis ). Both feet unite in the lamina arcus vertebrae and thus form the vertebral hole ( foramen vertebrale ).

A strong spinous process ( spinous process ) sits on the vertebral arch . In humans, the auxiliary process ( processus accessorius ) arises from the vertebral arch downwards , which also occurs in predators, but points backwards accordingly.

On both sides of the vertebral arch, an articular process rises above and below (in the front and rear in animals), a processus articularis superior / cranialis and inferior / caudalis for articulating connection with the neighboring vertebra. Laterally the upper / anterior articular process is adjacent to a thickening, the teat process ( processus mamillaris ) (arises from the transverse process - processus transversus).

The both sides facing the side rib extension ( Processus costalis ) is relatively long at lumbar vertebrae.


The lumbar spine carries the entire weight of the trunk and transfers the weight to the sacrum.

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