Lieschen and Fritzchen

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Work data
Title: Lieschen and Fritzchen
Original title: Lischen et Fritzchen
Shape: operetta
Original language: French
Music: Jacques Offenbach
Libretto : Paul Boisselot
Premiere: July 12, 1863
Place of premiere: Bad Ems
  • Lieschen - soprano
  • Fritzchen - tenor

Lieschen and Fritzchen is a one-act operetta by Jacques Offenbach ; the libretto is by Paul Boisselot . The composer called this work Conversation alsacienne . An adaptation of this successful piece was Leonhard Kohl von Kohlenegg's genre picture Fritzchen und Lieschen or Rheinland in Sachsen , which he wrote in 1928 to the same music.


The Alsatian Lieschen goes to Paris to earn money as a broom seller for herself and her sick old father. There she meets Fritzchen, who also comes from Alsace, at the market. Fritzchen immediately falls in love with Lieschen and absolutely wants to take her home to Alsace.

On the occasion of a discussion in which the two confess their mutual love, they discover that they are brother and sister. Fritzchen went to Paris years ago when Lieschen was still a little girl and had forgotten his sister. Lieschen couldn't remember her brother either.

Since Fritzchen won a sister with it, but also lost her lover, he doesn't want to return home. They sadly want to say goodbye to each other when Fritzchen notices a letter from Lieschen that has not yet been opened. Lieschen cannot read, so she gives it to Fritzchen to have him read to her.

It is a letter from his father, in which he confesses to Lieschen that she is his sister's illegitimate daughter and that he is therefore only his uncle. He had sworn to Lieschen's mother on her deathbed that he would take Lieschen in as a child. Now that nothing stands in the way of a marriage between Lieschen and Fritzchen, both of them embrace cheering and make their way home.

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