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Linux68k is a generic term for Linux derivatives for the 68k architecture from Motorola (from Motorola 68020 with memory management unit ). It can be run in the form of various Linux kernel distributions, for example on 68k Macs , Atari STs or Amiga PCs.

A first porting of the Linux kernel to the 68k processor architecture was available for Amiga computers in 1993, with which the Linux kernel ran for the first time outside of the x86 architecture. The first commercial distribution ALD was delivered by delta labs media for Atari TT and Atari Falcon from the beginning of 1995. Various other projects pursued the 68k porting of Linux, for example the widespread Linux distribution Debian from version 2.0 (1998) for 68k Computer available (official support was dropped with version 4.0, but development is being continued unofficially). In the Portage package system of the Gentoo Linux distribution , the m68k architecture is taken into account, but a stage archive necessary for the installation has only been made available in an experimental state on some of the mirror servers of the Gentoo project since May 2013; previously, such an archive had to be provided by the user created by cross-compiling . Linux68k distributions can be run and tested on modern hardware in the Atari TT emulator ARAnyM .

For newer 68k systems without MMU such as the Dragonball , μClinux is available, which has meanwhile been incorporated into the standard Linux kernel, for classic 68000 systems, especially the Amiga 500 , a µClinux fork was in development.

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