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ARAnyM ( A tari r unning on any m achine) is an open source emulator that simulates a TOS - compatible computer (guest) on different computer architectures (host).


Parts of the code of the Amiga emulator UAE for Motorola CPUs were combined with elements of a virtual machine . This includes the just-in-time compiler and the most direct possible access to the hardware of the actual computer. The latter achieves a much higher speed than the pure emulation of the hardware of an Atari computer could achieve. The programming language is C ++ .

ARAnyM emulates an MC68040 processor (CPU) including an optional Memory Management Unit (MMU), an MC68881 compatible FPU , a DSP 56001 and Falcon 030 compatible sound output. In connection with AFROS , ARAnyM forms a free (open source) operating system .


ARAnyM is available compiled for some systems , otherwise it can also be installed from the sources (after compilation). Executable binary files are available for:

The installation with FreeMiNT / m68k, FreeBSD / x86 and BeOS / Haiku is still being worked on .

Many applications for the Atari models ST, TT and Falcon can be carried out with the help of ARAnyM.


An “ARAnyM / AFROS Live CD” can be produced from an ISO file (image) burned on CD via SourceForge . The live CD is based on Slax . Slax takes over the automatic testing of the hardware and the setup of the software. With the right hardware, starting the CD leads directly to the Teradesk GEM desktop on top of ARAnyM. The Live CD does not automatically write anything to the hard drive of the guest computer, but it can be installed as a bootable system. To get started, we recommend the combination of AFROS Live CD with EmuTOS , FreeMINT, XaAES, TeraDesk and applications. ARAnyM is supplemented by other components depending on the purpose. Usually a configuration file (~ / .aranym / config) has to be edited by hand. B. Enter the path to the operating system and the virtual drives. ARAnyM does not offer a graphical interface for this process.

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