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The monuments of the Upper Bavarian municipality of Kirchweidach are compiled on this page . This table is a partial list of the list of architectural monuments in Bavaria . The basis is the Bavarian Monument List , which was first drawn up on the basis of the Bavarian Monument Protection Act of October 1, 1973 and has since been managed by the Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation . The following information does not replace the legally binding information from the monument protection authority.

Parish church of Kirchweidach

Architectural monuments according to districts


location object description File no. image
( location )
Wegkapelle, so-called Bonauerkapelle second half of the 19th century; on the road to Bonau by an old linden tree D-1-71-122-5 BW
Hauptstrasse 15
( location )
Chapel of the Dead, or All Souls Chapel High and narrow nave with a five-eighth end, early 16th century; with equipment ; on the edge of the church cemetery D-1-71-122-4 BW
Hauptstrasse 17
( location )
Catholic parish church of St. Vitus cruciform central space with dome, late Rococo, new building by Franz Alois Mayr , 1770, from 1771 master builder Joseph Lindtmayr; with equipment D-1-71-122-2 Catholic parish church of St. Vitus
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Hauptstrasse 22
( location )
Bundwerkstadel with rich fret, marked with the year 1860 D-1-71-122-3 Bundwerkstadel
Near Burghausener Straße
( location )
Wayside shrine Maybe even the 16th century D-1-71-122-6 BW


location object description File no. image
Mountain 1; Mountain 2
( location )
Farmhouse Two-and-a-half-storey tuff cuboid construction with a gable roof, gable and eaves, around 1865;

Barn, with lattice framing, joint painting, marked with the year 1865

D-1-71-122-7 BW
Mountain 1; Mountain 2
( location )
Field chapel with half-hipped roof and frescoes, mid-18th century; with equipment ; south of the hamlet under an old linden tree D-1-71-122-9 BW
Mountain 3
( location )
Vierseithof (near Vordermeier) north of the residential stable house, tufa block and wooden block construction with bundle section, first half of the 19th century, bell stand, marked with the year 1886;

east stable, massive gable roof construction with joint painting, Bohemian vault, 19th century;

south of Stadel, marked with the year 1878;

to the west of the stable, with fret, probably 1818

D-1-71-122-8 BW


location object description File no. image
Hütting 1
( location )
Former farmhouse Natural stone masonry, plastered on the south side, high arbor, richly designed canopy, bell stand and saint fresco in stucco frames, built in 1865 D-1-71-122-24 BW
Hütting 2
( location )
At home at No. 3 in the style of a small suburban villa, with neo-renaissance structures, inside a house chapel with furnishings in neo-Romanesque forms, around 1890 D-1-71-122-42 BW
Hütting 3
( location )
Farmhouse North wing of the four-sided courtyard, stately three-storey stable house, tuff block construction, from 1851;

carved house door, so-called "liver door", marked with the year 1856;

to the east of the hut, with bundwerk, mid-19th century;

south of the barn, with lattice framework, mid-19th century or 1873

D-1-71-122-25 BW

Neukirchen an der Alz

location object description File no. image
Neukirchen adAlz 1; Neukirchen adAlz 2
( location )
Four-sided farmhouse Tuff cuboid construction, profiled floor banding, corner pilaster, marked with the year 1845 D-1-71-122-28 BW
Neukirchen adAlz 3
( location )
front door Neo-Gothic, after the middle of the 19th century D-1-71-122-29 BW
Neukirchen adAlz 62
( location )
Catholic Church of St. Mary late Gothic hall church, 1439–55, tower substructure late Romanesque; with equipment ;

Cemetery walling, 18./19. Century, partially renewed

D-1-71-122-27 BW

Further districts

location object description File no. image
Edenberg 1
( location )
Court chapel Around 1840/50 D-1-71-122-13 BW
Edt 1
( location )
Court chapel Marked with the year 1858; with equipment . D-1-71-122-14 BW
Fehenberg 1
( location )
Court chapel Tuff stone building, neo-Gothic, around 1850/60; with equipment D-1-71-122-15 BW
Feller 1
( location )
Farmhouse Mitterstubenbau with log building upper floor, 17./18. century D-1-71-122-16 BW
Bells 1
( location )
Bundwerkstadel South wing of the four-sided courtyard, marked with the year 1860 D-1-71-122-17 BW
Gutendorf 2
( location )
Farmhouse Plastered chunks of brickwork, stucco fields in the gable and profiled beam heads, second quarter of the 19th century, bell stand marked with the year 1868;

House crucifix, baroque

D-1-71-122-18 BW
Haid 5a
( location )
Former farmhouse (old building) with block construction upper floor, second half of the 17th century D-1-71-122-20 BW
Haider Strasse
( location )
Hamlet chapel, so-called Haid chapel small gable roof building, first third of the 19th century D-1-71-122-21 BW
Hall Hochholzen
( location )
Wayside chapel Marked with the year 1953; with equipment ; southwest of the place D-1-71-122-23 BW
In Niederhofen
( Location )
Wayside chapel First half of the 19th century; with equipment D-1-71-122-31 BW
Niederhofen 2
( location )
Farmhouse Stately two-storey saddle roof building with windowed knee-length, floor straps and plaster structure, probably around 1870;

Courtyard gate, marked with the year 1876;

Hut, with bundwerk and grain box, marked with the year 1840

D-1-71-122-30 BW
Oberwinkl 2
( location )
Former annex, now residential building Plastered stained brickwork with corner pilasters, as well as diamond-shaped roof soffit and high arbor, 1839 D-1-71-122-33 BW
Aich 1
( location )
Field chapel 19th century; southwest of the place D-1-71-122-34 BW
Skirt car
Aigner Feld
( location )
Field chapel Probably from 1831 D-1-71-122-37 BW
Car Skirt Car 2
( location )
hut East wing of the four-sided courtyard, with framing and painting, marked with the year 1818 D-1-71-122-36 BW
In Roidham
( Location )
chapel Tuff stone with cross roof and roof turret, marked with the year 1907; with equipment D-1-71-122-38 BW
Wagenhofen 1
( location )
Wayside shrine Bricked, mid 19th century; on the Niederhofen-Wiesen-Halsbach road D-1-71-122-41 BW

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  1. This list may not correspond to the current status of the official list of monuments. The latter can be viewed on the Internet as a PDF using the link given under web links and is also mapped in the Bavarian Monument Atlas . Even these representations, although they are updated daily by the Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation , do not always and everywhere reflect the current status. Therefore, the presence or absence of an object in this list or in the Bavarian Monument Atlas does not guarantee that it is currently a registered monument or not. The Bavarian List of Monuments is also an information directory. The property of a monument - and thus the legal protection - is defined in Art. 1 of the Bavarian Monument Protection Act (BayDSchG) and does not depend on the mapping in the Monument Atlas and the entry in the Bavarian Monument List. Objects that are not listed in the Bavarian Monument List can also be monuments if they meet the criteria according to Art. 1 BayDSchG. Early involvement of the Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation according to Art. 6 BayDSchG is therefore necessary in all projects.


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