List of monuments in Bytom

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This list includes the monuments, fountains, statues and sculptures in the public space of the city of Bytom ( Bytom OS ). Some of them have been removed, rearranged, remodeled or even destroyed from their original location over the decades. This is noted under the heading Status.


Miners Monument
Location:           Erected:  


Bismarck Monument
Location: City Park         Erected:  

Destroyed, remains buried. Stone monument with a plaque with a portrait of Bismarck. In the lower area there was the inscription Bismarck. An iron cross made of flowers was planted in front of the monument.

Bytom - Popiersie Fryderyka Chopina 01.JPG
Chopin Monument
Location: pl. Sikorskiego Władysława, erected in front of the Silesian Opera         :  


Monument to Frederick the Great
Location: Kaiserplatz (today pl.Sikorskiego Władysława)          Erected:  

Not received.

Bytom-Rozbark - Heinitz mining disaster monument 01.jpg
Memorial for the victims of the Heinitzgruben accident
Location: Cemetery in Rozbark (Roßberg)          Erected:  


Bytom - Victims of communism monument 01.jpg
Memorial to the victims of communist terror
Location: Erected in front of the city administration          :  


Location: Stadtpark         Erected: Around 1932

Not received. Consists of a walled-in boulder with a plaque with the portrait of President Friedrich Ebert .

Pomnik Edwarda Szymkowiaka przy ul. Olimpijskiej.jpg
Edward Szymkowiak Monument
Location: ul.Olimpijska          Erected:  


Memorial IR 156
Location: City Park         Erected:  

Not received. Monument to the Silesian Infantry Regiment No. 156

Freedom Monument
Location: ul.Pilsudskiego          Erected:  


Entente soldiers memorial stone
Location: ul.Powstańców Śląskich          Erected:  


Fallen memorial Karf
Location:           Erected:  

Not received.

Fallen memorial Miechowitz
Location:           Erected:  

Not received.

Fallen monument Roßberg
Location:           Erected:  

Not received.

Fallen monument Schomberg
Location:           Erected:  

Not received.

Memorial for the fallen
Location: Schrotholzkirche in Stadtpark         Erected:  

Not received.

Guttmann Monument
Location: ul.Młyńska          Erected:  

Not received.

Horst Wessel monument
Location: In front of the regional and district court (today city administration)          Erected:  

Not received.

Boy on the Bear
Location: ul.Falata Juliana          Erected:  

From Walter Tuckermann

Karin Stanek Monument
Location:           Erected:  


Popiełuszko Monument
Location: ul.Ligonia Juliusza          Erected:  

Monument to Jerzy Popiełuszko .

Bytom - Sleeping lion 01.jpg
Sleeping Lion
Location: Ring          Erected:  


Self-protection monument
Location: Wilhelmsplatz          Erected:  

Not received.

Soviet war memorial
Location: In front of the city administration          Erected:  

Not received.

Bytom pomnik Stanisława Moniuszki 19 09 2011 P9190228.jpg
Stanisław Moniuszko Monument
Location: In front of the city administration          Erected:  

Monument to Stanisław Moniuszko .