List of cultural monuments in Bannerod

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The following list contains the cultural monuments identified in the monument topography in the area of ​​the Bannerod district of the municipality of Grebenhain , Vogelsbergkreis , Hesse .

Note: The order of the monuments in this list is based on the address; alternatively, it can also be sorted by name or construction time.

The basis is the publication of the Hessian list of monuments, which was created for the first time on the basis of the Monument Protection Act of September 5, 1986 and has been continuously updated since then.

image designation location description construction time Object no.
Grebenhain Bannerod Pano Heuweg 6 db.png
Heuweg 6
hallway: 1, parcel: 38/2
Large six-zone Einhof, built around 1800
Old school in Bannerod, view from the south, photo 2013
Former school Kirchweg 3
hallway: 1, parcel: 35
Former Schoolhouse, built in 1807 1807
Kirchweg 5
hallway: 1, parcel: 33
Streckhof, built in the late 18th century
Grebenhain Bannerod Kirchweg 6 db2.png
Grebenhain Bannerod Kirchweg 6 db.png
Kirchweg 6
hallway: 1, parcel: 2
Streckhof as the core of an angular courtyard complex, probably dating back to the 18th century
Grebenhain Bannerod Langgasse 4 df.png
Langgasse 4
hall: 1, parcel: 4
Streckhof, to be dated to the last third of the 18th century
House Lüdertalstrasse 1 in Bannerod, view from the west, photo
Lüdertalstraße 1
floor: 1, parcel: 91
Courtyard with residential house from around 1700
Fallen memorial
Fallen memorial Outside the local area (Horstweid)
hallway: 10, parcel: 2
in the cemetery


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