List of governors of South Tyrol

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The list of provincial governors of South Tyrol includes all provincial governors of South Tyrol .

During the period of validity of the “First Statute of Autonomy” (see Autonomy of South Tyrol ), the Governor of South Tyrol only had subordinate powers. This changed with the entry into force of the "Second Statute of Autonomy" in 1972, which gave South Tyrol much more powers. Unlike the directly elected governor of Trentino , the governor of South Tyrol is elected by the South Tyrolean parliament .

Governor Political party Term of office
Karl Erckert SVP 1948-1955
Alois Pupp SVP 1956-1960
Silvius Magnago SVP 1960-1989
Luis Durnwalder SVP 1989-2014
Arno Kompatscher SVP 2014- officiating

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