List of Marquis of Provence

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The list of Margraves of Provence contains all the rulers of the high medieval margravate Provence in the southeast of present-day France . The margraviate created in 993 was then part of the Roman-German Empire . It was ruled by margraves from the House of Provence until 1062 , after which it fell to the House of Toulouse and was united with the French crown domain in 1271 .

List of margraves

Surname family Term of office Remarks
Guillaume I. Provence 979-993 Son of Bosons II.
Roubaud I. Provence 993-1008 Brother of the predecessor
Roubaud II. Provence 1008-1014 Son of the predecessor
Guillaume II. Provence 1014-1037 Son of the predecessor
Emma Provence 1037-1062 Sister of the predecessor
Bertrand I. Raimundiner 1062 Son of the predecessor
Guillaume III. Raimundiner 1062-1094 Nephew of the predecessor and grandson Emma
Raymond I. Raimundiner 1088-1105 Brother of the predecessor
Bertrand II. Raimundiner 1096-1108 Son of his predecessor
Alphonse I. Raimundiner 1108-1148 Brother of his predecessor
Raymond II Raimundiner 1148-1194 Son of his predecessor
Raymond III Raimundiner 1194-1222 Son of his predecessor
Raymond IV Raimundiner 1222-1249 Son of his predecessor
Jeanne Raimundiner 1249-1271 Daughter of the predecessor
Alphonse II Capetians 1249-1271 Husband Jeannes


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