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There are around 18 different student associations in Zurich that belong to different corporate associations.

Name of the connection founding Colours coat of arms Circle Association Fencing question Members
Zofingia Zurich student association 1819 Red White Red
Heraldry zofingia.jpg
Circle Zofingia.svg
Swiss Zofinger Association not striking Men
Helvetia student association 1832 carmine-white-carmine red
Coat of arms of Helvetia Bern.JPG
Helvetia Zirkel.svg
Swiss weapon ring mandatory Men
Student Choir Zurich 1849 blue-white-blue
Coat of arms of the Zürcher Singstdenten.jpg
association-free exposed Men
AV Turicia 1860 orange-white-green
Coat of armsTuricia.jpg
Schw. StV not striking Men
Shooting club of Swiss students 1861 white-wine red
Coat of arms SSS! .Jpg
SSS! .Jpg
association-free exposed Men
Academic Agricultural Association 1871 white-green-red association-free not striking mixed
Academic gymnastics club Utonia in Zurich 1873 White blue
Utonia - heraldic coat of arms.jpg
Swiss Arms Ring, Swiss Academic Gymnastics Association mandatory Men
Manessia turicensis 1881 red-white-gold
Coat of arms Manessia Turicensis.jpg
Circle Manessia Turicensis.jpg
Cartel with Halleriana Bernensis exposed Men
Carolingia turicensis 1893 blue-gold-black
Carolingia Turicensis Coat of Arms.jpg
Circle Carolingia Turicensis.png
Falkenstein Association not striking Men
Amicitia Turicensis 1895 green-white-blue
Postcard from the Amicitia Turicensis fraternity
Circle of the Amicitia Turicensis fraternity
Winterthur Convention not striking Men
New Zofingia 1903 blue White Red SWR (currently suspended, cooperation with GDSt Teutonia) mandatory Men
Rhenania 1905 violet-white-red none exposed Men
AKV Kyburger 1912 pink-white-green Schw. StV not striking Men
AV Welfen 1921 wine red-white-green
AV Welfen Zirkel.png
Schw. StV not striking mixed
AB Glanzenburger 1959 gold-white (with black line) -blue
Coat of arms AB Glanzenburger
Circle AB Glanzenburger
Schw. StV not striking Men
AV Orion 1964 red-white-green Schw. StV not striking mixed
Rodensteiner singers 1964 Swiss red-white-black
Rodensteiner coat of arms .jpg
Rodensteiner Zirkel.jpg
Convent of Unlocking Corporations optional Men
Corps Tigurinia 2007 red-white-deep blue
Corps Tigurinia (coat of arms) .jpg
Circle Tigurinia II.jpg
KSCV mandatory Men
AV Filetia 2012 raspberry-white-green Schw. StV not striking Ladies

ff = colored, if not stated colored


  • Ernst Hans Eberhard : Handbook of the student liaison system. Leipzig, 1924/25, pp. 195–197.

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