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Carolingia turicensis

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Basic data
University location: Zurich
University / s: University of Zurich, ETH Zurich
Founding: January 31, 1893
Corporation association : Falkenstein Association
Abbreviation: C!
Color status : colored
Colours: blue-gold-black
Fox colors: blue-gold
Fox colors:
Type of Confederation: Men's association
Position to the scale : not striking
Motto: God, friendship, fatherland
Total members: approx. 200
Active: 16 (as of FS 2020)

The Carolingia Turicensis is a colored Swiss student union in Zurich and was founded January 31, 1893.


The Carolingia Turicensis is a politically neutral and non-beating association of male students . Students from all disciplines from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich are accepted. It is a life connection, which means that membership usually does not end until death. The connection is led by the Chargencollegium (CC), which is elected before the semester . After completing his studies and philistration, a Carolinger automatically becomes a member of the Alt-Carolingia.

Her motto is "God - Friendship - Fatherland", whereby friendship is in the foreground nowadays. «God» stands for the basic Christian idea, while a Carolinger should fulfill his duties towards the fatherland , but freely according to his political convictions.

The Carolingia Turicensis is a member of the Falkensteinerund , whose four members ( Schwizerhüsli Basel , Zähringia Bern, Valdésia Lausanne, Carolingia Turicensis) maintain friendly relationships with mutual acceptance obligations. In addition, there is a friendship relationship with the Wingolfsbund with sections all over Germany , Austria and Estonia . Carolingia is also a member of the Corporations Convent Zurich (CCZ), which it was instrumental in establishing.



The first forerunner of the Carolingia Turicensis came into being in 1849 when Christian men founded a youth club to protect against unbelief and errors. Just one year later, the club became the Zurich wreath transformed Christian students. This wreath was in contact with the Schwizerhüsli Basilensis. But due to the lack of recruiting new members, the Kränzchen was dissolved in 1853.

The next attempt to found a Christian fraternity was made in 1891. The Christian- social association for students of both Zurich universities was founded with the purpose of mutual promotion and edification of Christian life and faith and Christian-social issues. Again this association struggled after a short time with a lack of members and was dissolved.

Founding years

After a short time, the Carolingia Turicensis was founded on January 31, 1893 by seven like-minded students as a Christian, non-beating student union. The founding members were Paul Wirz, Friedrich Naegeli, Caspar Huldreich Hohl, Paul Gysi, Robert Haller, Harry Wehrlin and Georg Schelling. Right from the start there was close contact with the Schwizerhüsli Basel and the Zähringia Bern, to which the Falkenstein Association also joined in 1894. Friendly relations were also maintained with the Wingolfsbund. From 1905, a lack of members and disputes in principle began to weaken the connection. With the help of the Alt-Carolingia, a suspension could be postponed until 1909. However, just one year later, in 1910, the Carolingia Turicensis was reconstituted .

After reconstitution

The First World War was held out with firm confidence. Nevertheless, the post-war period and especially the time of the general strike did not leave the connection unaffected. The life of connections was redesigned, the gatherings at the tribe were reduced and the convention was handled more sensibly. After that, the Second World War could not seriously endanger the Carolingia either. During the Second World War, the 50th anniversary of the Carolingia was also celebrated.

After surviving the 1968 revolution well and once again adapting the life of connections to the current times, there was another decline in membership in the 1980s. At that time the connection life could only be maintained with the help of the Alt-Carolingia. However, the connection emerged stronger from this crisis and the 100th anniversary could be properly celebrated in 1993.

The Carolingia today

Even if student associations are a marginal phenomenon at today's universities , the Carolingia still has a stable number of members in the Aktivitas , which sticks to its traditions . After a few changes of locality, the weekly trunk has now been held for several years in the Zunfthaus zum Grünen Glas , the guild house of the Riesbach guild . In 2018, the 125th anniversary of the Carolingia was celebrated in a dignified manner.

The colors in the ribbon and hat

The Carolingia boys' band has the colors blue-gold-black, the fuxen band the colors blue-gold. Both have golden percussions, the blue is the «Zurich blue». The hundred-semester ribbon is a boy’s ribbon embroidered with oak leaves and the words “100 Semester”. The ribbon is worn over the right shoulder, with the blue always on top.

The blue stands for the sky, the gold for loyalty and the black for the seriousness of life. The flat cap is made of felt and has "Zurich blue" as the basic color. On the edge of the hat there is a colored stripe with the colors blue, gold and black.

Autumn rice

Since 2004 the annual "Herbstreisli" of the Carolingia Turicensis has been taking place in autumn. A four-day hike will take place within Switzerland, with the participating fraternity students striving to collect as many performance kilometers as possible . Since 2013 the "Reisli" has been carried out by the March Brigade 13, a specially founded association, whereby the Carolingia comment always applies. To be able to join this association, you have to run 150 kilometers on the “Herbstreisli” or the “Frühlingskonterbummel”, the one-day counterpart to the “Herbstreisli” in spring.

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