Markus Feldmann

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Markus Feldmann

Markus Feldmann (* 21st May 1897 in Thun , † 3. November 1958 in Bern ; heimatberechtigt in Glarus and in 1940 in Bern) was a Swiss politician of the Civil Code (later SVP ).

life and work

The lawyer and journalist Markus Feldmann, a member of the farmers, trade and citizens' party , was an opponent of National Socialism with an unusually high profile for the bourgeois politics of the time .

In 1935 he was elected to the National Council for the first time , which he belonged to until 1945 and again from 1947 to 1951.

Feldmann was elected to the government council (executive) of the canton of Bern in 1945 , where he first headed the municipal and sanitary directorate and later the education and church directorate. Against the backdrop of the Cold War , in 1950 the so-called Bern church dispute broke out into a heated argument between Feldmann and a group of pastors surrounding the theologian Karl Barth , of which Walter Lüthi was a prominent member .

Feldmann was elected to the Federal Council on December 13, 1951 and died in office. During his tenure, he headed the Justice and Police Department and was a member of the then newly founded League against Noise .

He was Vice President of the Federal Council in 1955 and Federal President in 1956 . During his presidential year, the Indonesian President Sukarno was received in Bern.

Feldmann is buried in Bern's Schosshaldenfriedhof .


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