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Hans Bietenhard (born May 31, 1916 in Olten ; † September 5, 2008 in Steffisburg ) was a Swiss Protestant Reformed pastor and theologian . Until 1986 he was Professor of the New Testament at the University of Bern .

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Bietenhard is a son of the Bern civil servant Rudolf Bietenhard and his wife Rosa née Müller. He grew up in Bern, where he also attended schools. He studied Protestant theology in Bern, Basel, Zurich and Paris. In 1945 he received his doctorate in Basel and habilitated in Bern in 1948 . From 1945 to 1969 he worked as an evangelical reformed pastor, most recently in Sonnenfeld-Schwäbis, which belongs to Steffisburg. From 1948 he taught the New Testament as well as the history and theology of late Judaism at the University of Bern . From 1962 he was employed as a part-time, from 1969 to 1986 as a full-time associate professor of the National Fund at the Evangelical Theological Faculty.

Bietenhard was a recognized expert on intertestamentary and late Judaism in connection with the New Testament. He translated and commented on Jewish writings such as the Sota , Midrash Tanhuma B and Sifre Deuteronomy . Between 1980 and 1984 he and his wife Ruth Bietenhard translated the New Testament into the Bernese dialect . From 1990 to 1994 they transferred parts of the Old Testament , in which their eldest son and Hebraist Benedikt Bietenhard also participated.


In 1946 he married the teacher Ruth Bietenhard , nee Lehmann, with whom he had six children. She also supported him in the pastoral office, especially in building up the Sonnenfeld-Schwäbis parish. Together they became honorary citizens of Steffisburg in 1994 .

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