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Wolfgang Tischer, Leipzig Book Fair 2014

The literature café (also is a website with literary texts that sees itself as a virtual coffee house . The website has existed since June 1996. The operator is Wolfgang Tischer. The editorial team and all authors work on a voluntary basis.

The literature café sees itself on the one hand as an alternative news portal on the topics of publishers , authors and book marketing. The literature café publishes essays, background reports and interviews with authors and reviewers such as Robert Gernhardt , Harry Rowohlt or Reinhard Kaiser , the author of the Literary Walks through the Internet. It provides information about the literature business and helps to establish contact between authors and publishers .

In 2006 the literature café received the 1st German Podcast Award for the podcast , which has been produced since 2005 . Since 2005, interviews with authors such as Elke Heidenreich , Roger Willemsen and Feridun Zaimoglu have been held annually during the Frankfurt Book Fair . The more than 130 conversations can also be heard in the literature café's podcast.

On the other hand, the café publishes shorter literary texts ( prose and poetry ) that are selected and edited beforehand. The alphabet soup is a special format : the literary café editors stipulate that all texts published here should have a letter on the topic. In the "Text Criticism" section, Malte Bremer discusses texts sent to him publicly in order to exemplify the most common mistakes in writing.

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