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Reinhard Kaiser (born March 7, 1950 in Viersen ) is a German writer and translator who lives in Frankfurt-Seckbach .


Reinhard Kaiser is the son of the painter Johannes Josef Kaiser (born December 29, 1920 in Dülken ) and the photographer Ruth Kaiser , née Braun (1921–2000), his brother is the artist Stefan Kaiser .

Reinhard Kaiser attended the Viersen Humanist Gymnasium (today: Erasmus-von-Rotterdam-Gymnasium Viersen ), where he graduated from high school in 1968. From 1968 to 1975 he studied German , Romance studies , social sciences and philosophy in Berlin , Paris , Cologne and Frankfurt am Main . In 1974 he passed the first state examination in German and social sciences at the University of Cologne .

After moving to Frankfurt am Main in the same year, he began to translate social science texts for Suhrkamp Verlag and to work as an external editor. From 1976 to 1980 he was an editor at Syndikat Verlag in Frankfurt . Since 1980 he has worked as a freelance editor and translator for various publishers . a. from 1985 to 1990 as editor of the other library of the Greno publishing house. In 1989 Kaiser's first book was published; since then he has worked as a freelance author, but also continues to work as a translator, increasingly of fiction texts. He has translated numerous fiction and non-fiction books.

Reinhard Kaiser is a member of the PEN Center Germany and of the Association of German-Language Translators of Literary and Scientific Works in the Association of German Writers .

Since 2005 Kaiser has also been intensively involved in photography. Photo exhibitions took place in Offenbach and Frankfurt, z. B. 2008 in the Frankfurt Central Library.


Kaiser received u. a. The following awards: 1992 the Dormagener Federkiel , 1993 the Heinrich Maria Ledig-Rowohlt Prize , 1997 the German Youth Literature Prize in the youth non-fiction category, the German Youth Literature Prize as a translator in the children's book category in 1998 , the Geschwister Scholl Prize in 2000 and the Lower Rhine Literature Prize in 2003 . For his retransmission of the Simplicissimus , Kaiser received a special prize for the Grimmelshausen Prize in 2009 and the Brothers Grimm Prize of the city of Hanau in 2011 .



  • The Pfennig magazine of the Society for the Dissemination of Non-Profit Knowledge , Nördlingen 1985
  • Johann Gottfried Seume : Walk to Syracuse in 1802 , Nördlingen 1985
  • We are now citizens of Heaven! , Noerdlingen 1986
  • Vivant Denon: Only this night , Frankfurt am Main 1997
  • Helene Holzman : "This child should live" , Frankfurt am Main 2000
  • Why the snow is white. Fairytale Declarations of the World , Frankfurt am Main 2005, The Other Library series (together with Elena Balzamo)
  • Olaus Magnus: The Miracles of the North , Frankfurt am Main 2006 (together with Elena Balzamo)
  • Edwin Geist: I count the days every hour ... Diary for Lyda. March - August 1942 , Berlin, Die Andere Bibliothek, 2012.



Literature and non-fiction from English, occasionally from French, and most recently from German (17th century): Hans Jacob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen - Der adventurous Simplicissimus German , Irene Dische , Susan Sontag , Sybille Bedford , Isaiah Berlin , Richard Sennett , Michel Serres , Georges Duby , Sylvia Plath , Robert K. Merton , Nancy Mitford , Lee Strasberg , Neil Postman , Ernst Cassirer , Anne Tyler , Richard Rorty , John Polidori and others.

In 2017, Galiani Verlag Berlin published Kaiser's translation of the novel by Rétif de la Bretonne Monsieur Nicolas with the title Monsieur Nicolas or the revealed human heart .


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