London Foreign Ministers Conference (1947)

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The London Conference took place from November 25th to December 15th, 1947 . The subject of the foreign ministers of the four victorious powers was the question of Germany . However, the negotiations broke out between the USA and the Soviet Union . The conference was then canceled.

The last time there was a debate was about the creation of a German central authority, but this failed because of the veto by France and the Soviet Union. The proposal by the USA and Great Britain to gradually form a unified government for all zones of occupation and to install parliamentary representation was rejected by France. The Soviet Union combined its approval with the fulfillment of two preconditions: participation in control over the Ruhr area ( Ruhr question ) and the receipt of reparations from ongoing production throughout Germany .

The Czechoslovakia told the conference in a memorandum to the ethnic German assets on their territory as their own national state assets look and not as a German reparations .

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