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Luigi Corteggi (2014)

Luigi Corteggi (born June 21, 1933 in Milan , † July 26, 2018 in Casorzo , also known under the pseudonym Cortez), was an Italian illustrator. He became known for his graphic work for the publishing houses Editoriale Corno and Sergio Bonelli Editore, for which he created the graphics for well-known magazines such as Kriminal and Dylan Dog .


After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera and after running his own advertising studio for a few years, he switched to publishing and initially worked with Editrice Universo and from 1965 with Editoriale Corno. There he was responsible for the graphics of the publications and created the logos of Kriminal , Satanik , Maschera Nera , Gesebel , Eureka , Alan Ford, among others . He illustrated some of their covers and made drawings and inks for the panels; he also took care of the graphics for the titles of the superhero Marvel Comics . After making stories about Maschera Nera , he went to Kriminal und Satanik , two characters from Max Bunker's Italian Black genre , for whom he created the logos of the titles, designed a few episodes and made hundreds of covers. He later worked as a draftsman and inker for other bunker characters such as Gesebel and Alan Ford - and he also designed the first ten covers. As a curator, he took care of the layout of the publisher's numerous publications and produced his own comic series, Thomas , a series of humorous postcards, as well as some graphic works for magazines, encyclopedias and scientific publications. The relationship with Editoriale Corno was interrupted in 1975 when he joined Sergio Bonelli Editore as artistic director. There, he was asked to do both the technical and the more creative part related to general graphics, lettering, covers and related titles and brands, as well as managing contacts with first-time designers. In the seventies he also worked with Il Giornalino.

In the eighties he directed an episode of the comic series Collana Rodeo - The Lost Spaceship , the only science fiction story in the series. As a graphic designer, he realized the titles of all Bonelli publications that began after his arrival, such as Ken Parker , Mr. No , Martin Mystère , Dylan Dog , Nick Raider , Nathan Never and many other Italian comic series, which are characterized by their graphic elegance.


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