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Funny seven , engl. Merry Seven , French Jeu du Sept is a historical dice game .

The following description is based on Meyer's Konversationslexikon from 1908.

The rules

Funny Seven is a hazard game with two dice and a board ( carpet , tapis , tableau ) as shown below.

2 3
4th 5
6th 8th
9 10
11 12

The punchers bet on any number. The banker throws the dice and pays the number twice the double, the number with her on one long side of the board the single sentence, he collects the rest. So fall z. B. six eyes, the set on 6 wins twice and those on 2, 4, 9, 11 simply win, while 7, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 lose.

The 7 is a refait , if this falls, then the bank pays out the set on 7 in triplicate (that is, if someone places a unit on the seven, in the best case he gets a profit of three units with his bet so he retreats four units) and moves in all others.

Since the sum of the eyes is most often 6 - 8 with two dice, these numbers are mostly used.


The Funny Seven is a very beneficial game for the banker .

Bet on Bank advantage
2, 12 13.89%
3, 11 11.11%
4, 10 8.33%
5, 9 5.56%
6, 8 2.78%
7th 33.33%

The most disadvantageous bet for the player is the bet on the seven; even if the banker pays a 4: 1 win on bets on the seven (see Craps ), the bank advantage is still 16.67%.


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