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Münsterberg denotes:

Münsterberg is the family name of the following people:

  • Bartholomäus von Münsterberg (also: Bartholomäus von Podiebrad; * around 1478, † 1515), Duke of Münsterberg and Count of Glatz
  • Emil Münsterberg (1855–1911), German administrative lawyer and social scientist
  • Eugen Reich-Münsterberg (1866–1943), German landscape painter and graphic artist
  • Hugo Münsterberg (1863–1916), German-American psychologist and philosopher
  • Johannes Otto von Münsterberg (Johann von Münsterberg, Johannes Ottonis, Jan Otův z Minstrberka; * around 1360, † 1416), German Roman Catholic theologian, rector of the University of Prague and founding rector of the University of Leipzig
  • Oskar Münsterberg (1865–1920), German philologist and entrepreneur
  • Otto Münsterberg (1854–1915), member of the Prussian House of Representatives
  • Ursula von Münsterberg , Duchess of Münsterberg and Troppau as well as Countess von Glatz, nun of the Order of Magdalena and Protestant writer
  • Willi Münsterberg (1889–1940), social worker, founder of International Workers Aid

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