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The crumbly cake ( Polish tort kruchy ) is one of the traditional cakes in Polish cuisine . It exists in numerous variants and consists of several thin shortcrust pastry bases lying on top of each other . Depending on the recipe, there are different creams, masses and fillings between the bases.

The most popular variants include:

  • Tort kruchy krakowski (Krakow crumbly cake) - Ground almonds are added to the shortcrust pastry, the filling consists of stiffly beaten egg white, powdered sugar and apricot jam , the glaze consists of powdered sugar, apricot jam and lemon juice, and strips of dried apricots and almonds serve as decoration.
  • Tort kruchy z masą z piany zaparzanej (Crumbly cake with whipped egg whites) - The shortcrust pastry does not contain almonds or nuts, the filling is made from sugar, fruit syrup ( raspberry , red or black currant), vinegar and egg whites in a water bath, they are often used for decoration candied fruit or fresh fruit is used.
  • Tort kruchy z masą czekoladową (Crumbly cake with chocolate cream) - The shortcrust pastry is prepared with ground hazelnuts, the filling consists of buttercream with cocoa, some coffee and alcohol, the cake is usually glazed with nougat or chocolate, decorated with ground hazelnuts, among other things.

There are also a number of other well-known recipes, including cream, fruit, orange paste or kajmak .


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