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Basic data

developer The MPlayer Project
Current  version subversion
operating system Linux , macOS , Windows , DOS , FreeDOS , AmigaOS 4, FreeBSD etc. a.
programming language C.
category Multimedia software
License GPL 2.0 /
Free Software

MEncoder is under the free GNU General Public License standing command line utility for encoding and decoding video.

MEncoder is included in the MPlayer package.


Since MEncoder is based on MPlayer's code base , it can import all sources that MPlayer supports and convert them to another format. MPlayer can therefore also be used to apply filters to videos in order to assess the visual result before the actual encoding. If the computer hardware is too weak to apply the filters in real time, you can try -nosoundto deactivate the audio track for playback using the parameter .

MEncoder is also able to copy the audio and / or video stream, which prevents quality loss. For example, it is possible to edit only one of the two tracks while the other is taken over unprocessed (not even re-encoded). An example of this would be creating a DivX file from television footage: while the image is compressed into DivX format, the sound is simply copied, which saves system resources. It is also possible to save the audio and / or video streams in a different container format .

There are a variety of filters for MPlayer and MEncoder, including:

Frame rate conversion and slow motion

Another feature of the MEncoders is the frame rate conversion. The speed of the material can be changed using the parameters -ofpsor -speedby u. a. the frame step filter is used, which ensures that frames are skipped.

By doubling the frame rate of interlaced video without doubling the image content, two full images can be created from two fields . This means that the video material can also be played on screens that only support full images without having to sacrifice quality, as is the case with other deinterlacing methods.

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