MM MaschinenMarkt

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MM MaschinenMarkt
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description Industrial magazine for the manufacturing industry
publishing company Vogel Communications Group GmbH & Co. KG
First edition 1894
Frequency of publication 26 master books
Widespread edition 50,012 copies copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Editor-in-chief Udo Schnell, Benedikt Hofmann
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MM MaschinenMarkt is a specialist medium for industry and with information from the manufacturing sector. The specialist journal, which is published annually with 26 master issues, and the web portal are aimed at specialists and executives at the first and second management levels in the technical and commercial areas of industry.

The seven regular rubrics are: Production & Manufacturing , Design & Development , Research & Innovation , Smart Factory , Robotics & Automation , Industrial Engineering & Material Flow and Management & Strategy . The specialist journalistic articles primarily deal with new products and their use in industrial production. Further focus topics are economy, IT and management.

Trade journal

According to IVW 2/2019, MM Maschinenmarkt appears with a widespread circulation of 50,012 copies by Vogel Communications Group GmbH & Co. KG. The total monthly circulation internationally under the MM Maschinenmarkt brand is around 120,000 copies. The magazine appears in nine countries, including China, Korea and Switzerland. MM Logistik is another publication under the umbrella brand MM Maschinen Markt, the content of which is tailored to the specialists in logistics.

Online presence

The specialist portal divides the specialist information into eight topic channels and provides specialist knowledge through formats such as webcasts and white papers . The global marketplace for used machinery sales and requests under is by MM machine market operated. It contains a database that provides access to the international market for used machines.


According to the advertising market observation of the sales union Meynen, MM Maschinenmarkt takes first place in the specialist and business media in the advertising media statistics (ranking turnover).

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Individual evidence

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