Mařík z Benešova

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Mařík z Benešova (Latin Mauricius de Benessow , German Mauritius von Beneschau ; 15th century) was a Bohemian philosopher and 1447/48 rector of the Charles University in Prague .


Mauritius, who probably came from Beneschau , lived in the 15th century. He studied at Charles University, where he obtained the academic degree of a baccalaureus in 1435 and a master's degree in the seven liberal arts five years later . In 1442 he was appointed dean of the artist faculty and in the academic year 1447/1448 he held the office of rector of Charles University .

His scientific interest was mainly the French philosopher Johannes Buridan . Like him, he was considered a supporter of moderate nominalism . Commentaries on the works of Aristotle are also among his significant works .


  • Introitus in veterem artem - quaestiones in librum Isagogen Porphyrii (disputata de universalibus Porphyrii) . Prague 1443-1450
  • Quaestiones in librum Praedicamentorum Aristotelis . Prague 1444
  • Comportata in titulos Quaestionum Johannis Buridani in I – VIII libros Physicorum Aristotelis .
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