manager seminars

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manager seminars
description Further education magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Further education, personnel development, training
language German
publishing company managerSeminare Verlags GmbH
First edition 1990
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 6,620 copies
( IVW  Q1 / 2016)
Widespread edition 19,554 copies
( IVW  Q1 / 2016)
Editor-in-chief Nicole Bussmann
executive Director Gerhard May
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The further education magazine managerSeminare is a specialist magazine for management knowledge, personnel development and further education practice which has been published by managerSeminare Verlags GmbH since 1990.

Subjects and authors

The regular sections of the magazine are news and short reports, expert opinions on controversial topics and monthly surveys on a current trending topic. In addition, each issue provides reader reviews of new textbooks and brief portraits of experts from the HR and / or training industry. The main focus of the magazine is on longer articles on the topics of leadership practice and management, soft skills and work techniques, training and coaching practice, as well as personnel development and human resources management. At the end of each booklet there is a seminar calendar and in the middle of the booklet there is a removable “booklet within a booklet” with a changing focus.

In addition to the permanent specialist editors, trainers, coaches , management consultants, personnel developers , management experts and scientists write in the magazine . Well-known authors include a. Fredmund Malik , Reinhard K. Sprenger , Fritz B. Simon and Rudolf Wimmer , who report on topics such as decision-making, leadership styles and motivation. There are also interviews with HR directors from DAX companies as well as personalities from politics, business, science and society.


The magazine was founded in 1990 by the specialist editor Jürgen Graf and the publisher Gerhard May and appeared quarterly in the first few years. The task of the publication should be to create more transparency in the area of ​​executive training. With the growing importance of soft skills, even among "normal" employees, not only did the readership expand, but also the focus of the magazine changed in the direction of operational, professional training. Today, the trade journal informs everyone involved in operational change processes: managers, employees and trainers.

publishing company

The publishing house emerged from the GbR Gerhard May and Jürgen Graf and has been operating as managerSeminare Verlags GmbH, based in Bonn, since 1993. In addition to the managerSeminare magazine, the publisher also publishes the " Training aktuell " magazine for trainers, consultants and coaches and a training media program for the qualification of trainers, coaches and consultants. The "Further Education Scene Germany", a trend study of the German further education market, has been published annually since 1994. The publisher is represented on the Internet with several editorially managed resources: Further education literature (, seminar and provider database (, database with further education experts (, web directory for adult education (, database for congress, seminar and meeting rooms (

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