Mare Crisium

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Mare Crisium
Mare Crisium - Clementine.jpg
Mare Crisium
Mare Crisium (Moon Equatorial Region)
Mare Crisium
position 16.18 °  N , 59.1 °  E Coordinates: 16 ° 10 '48 "  N , 59 ° 6' 0"  E
diameter 556 km
Named after Sea of ​​Crises.
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Location of the Mare Crisium

The Mare Crisium (lat. "Sea of ​​Crises", in German also often called "Sea of ​​Dangers") is a mare of the Earth's moon in the Crisium Basin, northeast of the Mare Tranquillitatis .

It is located far to the east of the full moon disk at the selenographic coordinates 17 ° 00 ′ N, 59 ° 06 ′ E. Its mean diameter is 418 km.

Lunar probes

There are three artificial objects in the Mare Crisium . The Soviet probe Luna 15 , which was supposed to bring lunar rocks to earth before the Apollo 11 astronauts, probably crashed into a mountain when approaching on July 21, 1969 - during the Americans' first walk on the moon - and was lost. Luna 23 was able to land successfully on November 6, 1974, but the rock drill was damaged. A return to earth was therefore waived. Luna 24 , the last probe of the Luna program, landed on August 18, 1976 just 2.3 km from Luna 23 and brought 170 g of lunar rock to earth. Parts of the probe remained on the lunar surface when it returned to Earth.

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