Maria Francisca Elisabeth of Savoy

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Maria Francisca Elisabeth of Savoy (in Portuguese : Maria Francisca Isabel de Sabóia, princesa de Sabóia ) (born June 21, 1646 in Paris , † December 27, 1683 in Palhavã ) was Queen of Portugal from 1666 to 1668 and 1683 .


Maria Francisca of Savoy, Queen of Portugal

Maria Francisca was the second daughter of Charles Amédée de Savoie , Duke of Nemours and Aumale, and his wife Élisabeth de Bourbon , a granddaughter of the French King Henry IV.

King Louis XIV wanted to consolidate his alliance with Portugal, which was directed against the common enemy Spain . For this purpose he arranged for Maria Francisca to marry the Portuguese King Alfonso VI. who was mentally and physically disabled. The long distance marriage was concluded on June 27, 1666 and the bride was then transferred to Portugal by the fleet of her uncle, the Duke of Beaufort. On August 2, 1666, she married the Portuguese king in Lisbon .

The beautiful, energetic and witty Maria Francisca showed her husband no affection from the beginning, but fell in love with his younger brother, the later King of Portugal, Peter II. She allied with him against her husband and together with him achieved that Alfonso VI . first of all his First Minister, Luís de Vasconcelos e Sousa, 3rd Count of Castelo Melhor, dismissed and soon afterwards had to give up the exercise of his government completely (1667). Alfonso VI was forced to go into exile in Terceira in the Azores ; later he lived under house arrest in the Palace of Sintra . Peter (II) acted as regent for his deposed brother until his death.

The marriage of Maria Francisca and Alfonso VI. was canceled on March 28, 1668, allegedly because Alfons should not have been able to consummate the marriage. Thereupon Maria Francisca married with the dispensation of the Pope on April 2, 1668, her beloved Prince Regent Peter (II.), On whom she exercised a strong influence. Peter was after the death of Alfonso VI. (September 12, 1683) new king, but Maria Francisca passed away at the end of the same year. Your marriage to Alfonso VI. had remained childless; with Peter II she had a daughter Isabel Luisa Josefa, born in 1669, who was promised to Duke Viktor Amadeus II of Savoy , among others , but who died in 1690 at the age of 21.


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