Maria Vladimirovna Dolgorukova

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Marija Vladimirovna Dolgorukova ( Russian Мари́я Влади́мировна Долгору́кова ; * 1601 ; † January 17, 1625 ) was the wife of the Tsar of Russia.

She was born as the daughter of boyar Vladimir Timofejewitsch Dolgoruki, a member of the Regency Council from 1615, and his wife Marija Wassiljewna Barbaschina.

On September 29, 1624, she was married to Tsar Michael I , who since 1613 was the first Tsar from the Romanov dynasty to rule Russia.

The marriage remained childless, because four months after the marriage, on January 17, 1625, she suddenly died. It is certain that she was poisoned.

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