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Martin Huba (2010)

Martin Huba (born July 16, 1943 in Bratislava , Czechoslovakia ) is a Slovak actor .


Martin Huba is the son of the actor Mikuláš Huba and the opera singer Mária Kišonová-Hubová . He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava in 1964 . He then found work at the Košice State Theater . From 1967 until its closure in 1971 he was a member of the Divadlo na Korz Theater . Since 1976 he has been a member of the Slovak National Theater . From October 16, 2005 to April 15, 2006 he was even temporarily director of the theater.

Huba has been working as a film actor since the mid-1970s. He starred in films such as An die Gewehre, Rebellen , We must stick together and The Season of Happiness . For his portrayal of Skřivánek in Jiří Menzel's award-winning literary film adaptation I Served the English King , Huba was honored with the Český lev for Best Supporting Actor in 2006. Two further nominations followed in 2010, once as a supporting actor for his performance in 3 Seasons in Hell and once as best leading actor for his role in the drama Kawasakiho ruze .

During the parliamentary elections in Slovakia in 1990 , he successfully ran as a candidate for Public Against Violence .

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