Mastín del Pirineo

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Mastín del Pirineo
Mastín del Pirineo
FCI Standard No. 92
2.2 mountain dogs
Origin :


Alternative names:

Pyrenees Mastiff

Withers height:

Male min. 77 cm, bitch min. 72 cm


difficult, no information

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The Mastín del Pirineo is a Spanish dog breed recognized by the FCI ( No. 92, Gr. 2, Sec. 2.2 ) . The breed has been listed by the AKC since April 2014 with a view to possible recognition in its Foundation Stock Service .

Origin and history

Very massive, large dog from the Pyrenees. This type of dog occurs on both the Spanish and French sides. Since both countries could not agree on the breed standard, it is called Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées (Great Pyrenees) on the French side . There are racial differences (e.g. color) but not essential.


Up to 77 cm tall dogs of the Molosser type, their hair is rather bristly, medium-length, about 6 to 9 cm long, climate-proof, dense and thick. The FCi describes its color as follows: The basic color is white, always with a well-developed, clearly defined mask. Irregularly distributed, sharply outlined spots of the same color as the mask are permitted. The ears should always be spotted. The tip of the tail and the lower parts of the extremities are white. The hairline should be as light as possible, ideally completely white. The most valued colors, in order of popularity, are pure white (snow white) with medium gray, intense golden yellow, brown, black, gray-silver-colored, light-beige, sand-colored or marbled spots. The ears are set medium-sized above the line of the eyes, triangular. In the resting position they lie close together.

Essence and use

In the past, the Mastín del Pirineo guarded the house, yard and herd against wolves and bears. He is still entrusted with this task today on remote farms. He is relatively easy to train, although he is used to acting independently.

Individual evidence

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