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Matrize ("mother form", v. French matrice "casting form", actually "uterus", plural matrices ) stands for:

  • Die (printing) , in the printing area a mold for casting individual letters or lines of lead
  • Template (genetics) , source DNA or RNA strand for duplicating gene sequences
  • Matrix (dentistry) ,
    • Aid when making a filling
    • the counterpart to the patrix for attachments in combination dentures
  • Matrize , an internationally uniform technical term for (outdated, Ger. Ug.) Matrix to be used in traffic planning
  • Die , in printing technology a master copy, see hectography
  • Die , in the casting technique the cavity of the casting mold, see mold making #Matrix
  • Die , in pressing, forging or similar processes, the form in which the material is placed, see die
  • Die , when punching the counterpart to the punch (i.e. the outer shape), see punching (process)
  • Die for the production of pellets, see flat die press

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