Matthys Elsevier

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Matthys Elsevier (* around 1564 in Antwerp ; † 1640 ) was a Dutch bookseller and printer .


Matthys Elsevier was probably born in Antwerp in 1564 as the son of Louis Elsevier and his wife Maria Duverdyn. In 1580 he went with his father to Leiden , where he became a citizen 14 years later and in 1607 a peddler at the University of Leiden . In 1591 he married Barbara Lopes and had three children with her; Abraham , Isaac and Jacob . In 1616 it was decided that Elsevier had to return the pedell office, since a fire broke out during his activity that had destroyed a large part of the university. Shortly afterwards, however, he was granted the position again. In the meantime he had married Maria van Ceulen and had a son named Ludolph with her in 1624. In 1626 he married a third time, this time with Elisabeth Jans de Smit. This third marriage remained childless. Matthys Elsevier published two works. He held his pedell office until he died in 1640. From 1617 to 1622 he can be verified as a printer in Leiden.