Mediastinal lymph nodes

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As Mediastinallymphknoten ( lymph nodes [Nll.] Mediastinales , lymphonodi [lnn.] Mediastinales) are lymph nodes which have in the mediastinum are within the thorax.

There are two groups in humans:

  • The Nodi lymphatici mediastinales anteriores ("anterior mediastinal lymph nodes") lie behind the breastbone , in front of and behind the thymus and in front of the pericardium and the large blood vessels near the heart . The lowest anterior mediastinal lymph nodes lie against the diaphragm and are therefore also called Nll. phrenici . Their tributary areas are the liver , pericardium, heart and thymus. Lymph drainage takes place via the anterior mediastinal trunk into the venous angle .
  • The Nodi lymphatici mediastinales posteriores ("posterior mediastinal lymph nodes") lie next to the esophagus and aorta . Their tributary areas are the liver, diaphragm, esophagus, lungs and the back part of the intercostal spaces . The lymphatic drainage is via the bronchomediastinal trunk , the left into the thoracic duct , right along with the trunk mediastinal anterior , the jugular trunk and subclavian trunk into the right lymphatic duct empties.

In veterinary anatomy, the mediastinal lymph nodes are grouped together to form the Lymhocentrum mediastinale . According to the relationship to the heart, there are three groups:

  • The Lymphonodi mediastinales craniales ("anterior mediastinal lymph nodes") are located at the entrance to the breast.
  • The Lymphonodi mediastinales medii ("middle mediastinal lymph nodes") lie at the base of the heart. They are absent in predators and pigs.
  • The Lymphonodi mediastinales caudales ("posterior mediastinal lymph nodes") lie behind the heart on the esophagus. They are absent in predators and goats.

The tributary area of ​​the mediastinal lymph nodes includes all organs of the mediastinum, parts of the chest wall, shoulder and neck, as well as the lungs and pleura . In horses and cattle there are also tributaries from the liver and spleen.

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