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Ready-to-eat seafood in Tours , France

As seafood is usually referred to all edible sea creatures that have no vertebrates are. Typical seafood includes mussels and water snails , cuttlefish and squid , shrimp , crab , lobster and lobster . Seafood can be caught or farmed .

This designation speaks of a clearly agrarian understanding of the use of the sea, as it could ideally be expressed in the Mediterranean region , especially in Italy . The Romans in particular saw this food as a blessing for the seas and their gods. B. is evidenced in the repeated occurrence of the shell in ancient mythology . In the Christian veneration of saints , the shell was also adopted (see scallop ). Even in the architecture of the Baroque and Rococo , the shell was chosen as a perfect product of nature, along with other plant motifs, as one of the outstanding ornaments (see Rocaille ).

According to the traditional Jewish dietary laws , seafood, because it has no scales , is generally considered ritually impure ( tame ) and therefore does not appear in the kosher menu.

The term seafood is more narrowly defined than the English seafood : Seafood includes all edible animals and plants from the sea, including fish , marine mammals and algae .


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