Master of the Güstrow Altarpiece

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Master of the Güstrow Altarpiece is the emergency name of an unknown, probably Flemish artist from the beginning of the 16th century.

The master of the Güstrower Altar goes to Alph. Wauters back in 1893. Until then, the paintings were on Jan Borreman the Elder's . J. Altar carved in 1522 Brussels for the parish church of St. Marien in Güstrow was undisputedly assigned to Bernard van Orley . The revision of this conception was justified in art history from 1893 onwards with the lower quality of the panel paintings in Güstrow. However, art history assumes that the master of the Güstrow Altarpiece must have worked as an assistant or student in Bernard van Orley's workshop because of the related but coarser painting style.


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