Micha (name)

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Micha ( מִיכָה , today's Hebrew Miḫa , classic Hebrew Mîḵāh , English Micah ) is a male Hebrew given name , a short name for Michaela , Michaja or Michael and a family name .

The short feminine name for Michaela is probably popular because of its ending in -a. In some countries with clear guidelines for female or male names, however, it may not be given to a female person, for example in Switzerland.

Biblical namesake

  • Micha from Moreschet, biblical prophet (8th century BC)
  • an Ephraimite who established a private sanctuary (Judges 17-18)
  • a man from the tribe of Ruben (1 Chronicles 5,5)
  • a son of Mefi-Boscheth , grandson of Jonathan and great-grandson of Saul (2 Samuel 9:12, 1 Chronicles 8:34, 9:40)
  • a leader of a Levite division in the time of David (1 Chr. 9:15, 23:20, 24:24)
  • Micha ben Jimla , a prophet in the reign of Ahab of Judah
  • one of the leaders of the people who signed the covenant in Nehemiah's time (Nehemiah 10:12)
  • a descendant of the singer Asaf (1 Chronicles 8:15, Nehemiah 11:17, 22)

Bearer of the first name

Variant of Micah

stage name

  • Micha Marah (* 1953, actually Aldegonda Leppens ), Belgian singer

family name

  • Raymond Micha (1910–2006), Belgian musician, conductor and composer