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Microsoft Edge

Basic data

developer Microsoft
Publishing year 2015
Current  version 84.0.522.63
( August 20, 2020 )
operating system Windows , macOSAndroid , iOS , Xbox One
programming language C ++
category Web browser
License EULA ( proprietary )
German speaking Yes

Microsoft Edge is a web browser from the software manufacturer Microsoft . It was released on July 29, 2015 with Windows 10 and has replaced Internet Explorer as the standard browser on PCs , smartphones and tablet computers .

A previous version was released on March 30, 2015; On April 29, 2015, it was announced that the browser previously called Project Spartan was officially called Microsoft Edge. Versions for iOS and Android have been available since November 30, 2017.


Compared with Internet Explorer, Microsoft has announced three new features: Websites can use notes are provided and the document resulting similar to a screenshot be shared with friends or colleagues; a " reading mode " can hide elements that disrupt the flow of reading; and an Instapaper- like bookmark service is built into the browser.

Edge uses the newer EdgeHTML engine instead of the previous Trident HTML rendering engine . Edge no longer supports old technologies such as ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects ; instead, an extension system based on the new standard browser extensions is used, which is also supported by other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome . Almost 80% of the CSS properties with - prefix are no longer supported by Edge. Instead, Microsoft is bowing to the dominance of WebKit -based browsers in the mobile market and now supports the prefix for over 90 properties . The document modes supported in Internet Explorer, with which the browser can display websites as older browser versions did, have also been removed. Like Internet Explorer 10 and newer, Edge no longer supports conditional comments . -ms-webkit

Like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge is firmly integrated into the operating system and can hardly be deleted due to the operating system. So Edge uses the built-in Windows 10 Adobe Flash - plug-in ; Microsoft Edge also displays PDF documents in the browser without any additional tools and installs automatic software updates using the Windows update function. Unlike Internet Explorer, Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant can be used with Edge .

Edge initially only supported the licensed codecs H.264 and H.265 for the HTML5 video element, but since version 14.14291, WebM videos with VP9 and Opus audio files can also be played.

Since the Creators Update (Windows 10 Version 1703), Edge also shows e-books in EPUB format, as long as they are not DRM- encrypted.

A version is available for Android based on Google Chrome's Blink rendering engine .

In December 2018, Microsoft announced that future versions of Edge would be based on Chromium and shortly afterwards versions for macOS as well as for the older operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 were released.

On January 15, 2020, the stable version was released via the Windows update and replaced the old Edge browser system-wide. It is supplied as standard in Windows 10 from version 20H2. The browser was also available for download and via the Windows update for the older Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 operating systems, although support for Windows 7 ended the day before.

Market shares

Market shares of browsers on desktop PCs worldwide (as of March 2020)
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer

The browser struggled with acceptance problems. It was strongest in 2017/2018 with over 80 percent on the Xbox and on Windows Phone with around 70 percent. In the desktop segment (all platforms), it fluctuated over many months from October 2017 with little changes at just over four percent, of which 4.8 percent in Windows, although it is also preinstalled here. In all other areas, it is either not available or does not have any noteworthy market shares (average values ​​from August 2017 to August 2018). Since the end of 2019, Edge has been more common than IE, according to statistics from Net Marketshare. Edge has been more common than Firefox since April 2020.


When Windows 10 was released, Edge was considered unfinished. In the version supplied with Windows 10 Build 1607, the menu bar, among other things, can only be configured to a limited extent. Search engines only need to be inserted when you are on their website, the search engines cannot be removed again.

Sometimes there are display errors in Edge. Here you can visit the website with Internet Explorer . You can either initiate a manual switch to Internet Explorer (to the Trident Engine) every time you access it, or define “Enterprise Mode” rules for an automatic switch for certain pages in advance.

It is also criticized that users are prevented from using other browsers, which is not permitted for reasons of competition law. Microsoft already followed this practice in the so-called browser wars .

Microsoft saves address details of visited pages complete with parameters in unencrypted form. In the data protection declaration, anonymous use is granted, but the unique account ID (SID) is transferred. Other browsers store checksums of visited pages in encrypted form in order to warn of dangerous page views.

Since June 2020, Edge has also been installed with Windows updates of older versions without being asked and browser data from other browsers is automatically copied into the Edge environment.

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