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Mikami Yoshio ( Japanese 三 上 義夫 ; born February 16, 1875 in Kōtachi (now part of the Kōda district , Akitakata ), Hiroshima Prefecture ; † December 31, 1950 in Hiroshima ) was a Japanese mathematician and mathematician.

Mikami, the son of a landowner, attended the second high school , one of the precursors of today's Tōhoku University , which he left early due to illness. From 1911 he studied philosophy at the prestigious Imperial University of Tokyo . In 1913 he published a book on the history of mathematics in Japan and China with Teubner in Leipzig. 1914 followed a history of mathematics in Japan with the American mathematician David Eugene Smith . This was followed by other monographs, which only appeared in Japanese.

He is best known for his work on the history of Japanese mathematics ( Wasan ). In a series of essays in the 1930s, he dealt specifically with the mathematician Seki Takakazu (Seki Kōwa).

According to the British missionary Alexander Wylie , Mikami was the one who imparted a more detailed knowledge of the history of Chinese mathematics in the West, whereby in his first monograph from 1913 he mainly referred to the collection of mathematicians' biographies (Chouren zhuan) from 1799 by Ruan Yuan (1764– 1849) based. His books on Japanese mathematics are standard works.


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