Smolensk-North military airfield

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Smolensk-North military airfield
Военный аэродром "Смоленск-Северный"
Smolensk-North (Smolensk Oblast)
Smolensk North
Smolensk North

54 ° 49 '30 "  N , 32 ° 1' 30"  E Coordinates: 54 ° 49 '30 "  N , 32 ° 1' 30"  E

Height above MSL 250 m (820  ft )
Transport links
Distance from the city center 4 km north of Smolensk
Start-and runway
08/26 2500 m of concrete


i11 i13


The Smolensk-Nord military airfield ( Russian военный аэродром, "Смоленск-Северный" ) is an airfield operated by the Russian Air Force on the northern outskirts of the Russian city ​​of Smolensk .

The runway is approved for take-offs and landings of aircraft of categories A, B, C and D, but with limits on their carrying capacity . In addition to military aircraft, test aircraft from the Smolensk Aircraft Plant ( Смоленский авиационный завод / СмАЗ ) are also stationed at the airfield .


During the Cold War , the airfield was the base of the 401st IAP (401st Fighter Regiment / истребительный авиационный полк ) and the 871st IAP of the air defense , at the end equipped with MiG-23 , Su-27 and MiG-29 .

Later the 103rd Guards Air Transport Regiment " WS Grisodubowa " was stationed in Smolensk with machines of the Ilyushin Il-76 (Il-76M and Il-76MD). This pilot regiment was disbanded in October 2009 and the planes were relocated to Orenburg 2 and Taganrog military airfields . The regimental flag and the honorary title of the regiment ( guard , award: red flag) were handed over to the newly created first-order air force base at Orenburg 2 military airfield near the city of Orenburg .


On April 10, 2010, a Polish government aircraft of the type Tupolew Tu-154 with Poland's President Lech Kaczyński , his wife and an official high-ranking Polish delegation on board crashed while approaching in thick fog. All 96 people on board died.

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