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Countries of the Middle East in German

The Middle East or the Middle East is a geographically not clearly defined term. In German it means in Asia the countries Iran , Afghanistan , Pakistan , India , Nepal , Bhutan , Sri Lanka and Bangladesh . The countries lie between the Middle East in the west and southwest and the Far East (which includes East Asia ) in the northeast. Myanmar is seldom part of the Middle East, instead mostly part of Southeast Asia .

Definition of terms in international usage

In Arabic, the term Middle East ( Arabic الشرق الأوسط asch -scheq al-awsat , DMG aš-šarqu l-ausaṭ )understood the area referred toin German as the Middle East .

In English, the Middle East in the narrower sense also means the German Middle East . In a broader, cultural-geographic sense, the English Greater Middle East encompasses North Africa to the southern edge of the Sahara , from Mauritania in the west to Sudan in the east, and also in Asia the entire area from the Arabian Peninsula in the south and from Asia Minor in the north via Iran Highlands up to and including Pakistan .

In Spanish, on the other hand, there is the term Middle East with the usual definition in German (according to RAE : el Oriente Medio ).


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