Montes Alpes

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Montes Alpes
Imbrium map.png
Detailed map of the topography of the Mare Imbrium. The Montes Alpes are marked with a "D".
Montes Alpes (Moon North Pole Region)
Montes Alpes
position 48.17 °  N , 0.55 °  W Coordinates: 48 ° 10 ′ 12 ″  N , 0 ° 33 ′ 0 ″  W.
diameter 334 km
Named after Alps
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The Montes Alpes are a mountain range north of the front of the moon . They are named after the earthly Alps .


The lunar Alps on the northeastern part of the rain sea

The mountain range forms the northeastern border of the Mare Imbrium . This lunar sea , in which there are almost no conspicuous formations, forms the western side of the lunar Alps. In contrast, on the east side there is a more structured highland with a significantly lighter albedo . The mountain range begins about one crater diameter northwest of the Cassini crater at Promontorium Agassiz , then extends over 50 km to the northwest and finally continues - interrupted in parts - to the crater Plato . The Rima Plato gutter system is also located in this section .

The north-western third of the mountain range is separated from the rest of the mountain range by the Vallis Alpes . This is a ditch up to 20 km wide, which extends from a narrow gorge over about 180 km to the Mare Frigoris . A narrow gorge runs through the middle of the valley.

At about a third of the length of the mountain range from the southeast is Mont Blanc . This highest mountain in the lunar Alps reaches a height of 3.6 km above the level of the Mare Imbrium . In general, the peaks in the lunar Alps only reach heights of 1.8 to 2.4 km. The Promontorium Deville is located halfway between Mont Blanc and the Promontorium Agassiz. To the southwest of the Promontory Agassiz is the isolated, 2.3 km high Mons Piton .

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