Mordbrenner - you don't belong to us!

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Mordbrenner - you don't belong to us!
Extended play by Störkraft



Label (s) Rock-O-Rama

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Genre (s)

Right skirt

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  • Guitar: Volker Grüner
  • Drums: Steven Martin
Mordbrenner - you don't belong to us! We are back!

Mordbrenner - you don't belong to us! was the last official release of the right-wing rock band Störkraft before its breakup. The Extended Play was released in 1993 via Rock-O-Rama .

History of origin

In 1992, after distancing the Böhse Onkelz from the right-wing extremist part of the skinhead scene , Störkraft was the most famous right-wing rock band in Germany. Her two albums Dreckig, kahl & hundsgemein (1989) and Mann für Mann (1990) achieved sales in the five-digit range. Störkraft also managed, thanks to its manager Torsten Lemmer , to be present in numerous media, for example with an exclusive interview in the Spiegel and in the television program Boulevard Bio . At the same time, however, the first right-wing extremist pogroms occurred after reunification: including the riots in Rostock-Lichtenhagen and the Solingen assassination attempt . The band, which previously fueled the right-wing extremist mob with lines of text like " We are Germany's right-wing police, we are making the streets free of Turks ", was confronted with the problem of criminal prosecution. Both albums were indexed by the Federal Inspectorate for Writings Harmful to Young People (BPjS) and the first investigations against the band were committed. This also stood in the way of their commercial success. Rumor had it that they were about to sign a contract with a large record company. So it was decided to distance oneself from the perpetrators. The band wrote the play Murderer Without Regret , which contained a clear distance from the acts of violence. Musically they used the song Brighton Bomb by the English left punk band Angelic Upstarts . Also the title of the EP Mordbrenner - You don't belong to us! should leave no doubt about the changed attitude. The CD was supplemented by the third part of the song Unter Freunde , Skinhead Girl and Altbiermann .

Track list

  1. Killer with no regrets - 3:45
  2. Friends III - 3:19 (also: Among friends III )
  3. Skinhead Girl - 2:43
  4. Altbiermann - 4:02


Neither in its own scene nor in the mainstream media, the work met with much approval. The earlier followers felt betrayed by their flagship band. The media, on the other hand, did not accept the band's change. Der Spiegel wrote:

“With a bit of chalk in your throat and the slogan 'Murderers, you don't belong to us', any monstrosity is obviously forgiven. Störkraft boss Petritsch, who now has a baseball cap and a sparse hairstyle, is happy: 'You can turn the lyrics of our songs as you like. But there is no clear statement. ' That's how it works. This is how the Nazi becomes socially acceptable. "

- Ralf Klassen, Christian Seidl : The Right and THE RIGHT. How the past keeps catching up with German pop

Further developments

Ultimately, the distancing from the right-wing extremist scene was of little use. Jörg Petritsch, bassist, singer and main lyricist of the band, was sentenced to two years probation and a fine of 15,000 DM for various passages in the text on the previous albums and for showing the Hitler salute at a concert in Bremen . The band broke up. Volker Grüner changed fronts and a little later became a member of the more left-wing Oi! -Band 4 per mille . A number of right-wing extremist independent labels , such as Rock-O-Rama, who repeatedly reissued various songs, earned the existing song material from Störkraft . Among friends III later appeared on the single Bier, Wein, Weiber und Gesang (1996). Skinhead Girl was also reissued as a separate single in 1996.

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