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King Mpande

Mpande ka Senzangakhona (* 1798 in Babanango , Zululand , † November 19, 1872 in Nodwengu , Zululand) was King of the Zulu from 1840 until his death .


Mpande was the son of the former clan chief Senzangakhonas and half-brother of Shaka and Dingane . When he came to power in 1828, the latter had all competitors for the Zulu throne, including all of his half-brothers, murdered. Dingane's adviser Ndlela kaSompisi , who was supposed to carry out the murder assignment, hesitated in the case of Mpande, realizing that Mpande was the only member of the royal family to have children. For Ndlela kaSompisi, the continuation of the royal dynasty based on consanguinity was very important for the stability of the Zulu Empire. Mpande owed his life to this.

In 1840 the Boer Voortrekker under Andries Pretorius , who had defeated Dingane in 1838 at the Battle of the Blood River , supported an uprising Mpande against his half-brother. With the help of the 400 Voortrekkers and their superior weapons, the revolt succeeded, Dingane was apprehended and murdered in the Lebombo Mountains .

Mpande ruled for 32 years, which made him the longest-serving Zulu ruler. All subsequent kings of the Zulu descend directly from him.

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