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Mummelfall (Mumlavský vodopád)

Mummelfall (Mumlavský vodopád)

location Czech Republic
River system Elbe
Drain over Jizera  → Elbe  → North Sea
origin The confluence of the Großer and Kleiner Mummel on the Mummelwiese
muzzle at Mýtiny in the Jizera coordinates: 50 ° 45 '42 "  N , 15 ° 23' 48"  E 50 ° 45 '42 "  N , 15 ° 23' 48"  E

length 11 km

The Mumlava (German: Mummel ) is a left tributary of the Jizera ( Iser ) in the Czech Republic .

It rises on the ridge of the Giant Mountains on the Mummelwiese ( Mumlavské Louka in Czech ) near the source of the Elbe and has two source streams, the Große Mummel ( Velká Mumlava ) and the Kleine Mummel ( Malá Mumlava ).

In its further course to the west is the Mummelfall (Czech: Mumlavský vodopád ). It flows through the town of Harrachov (Harrachsdorf) and joins the Jizera (Czech Jizera ) after 11 km at the Stricker houses (Czech: Mýtiny ), below the western flank of the Teufelsberg (Czech: Čertova Hora ).

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