Internal intercostal muscle

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Internal intercostal muscle
Muscles of the human rib cage
following rib
Nervi intercostales ( spinal nerves of the chest part of the spinal cord )
Spinal segments

The musculus intercostalis internus ( Latin for "inner intercostal muscle ") is a skeletal muscle of the thorax that runs in the respective intercostal space . The internal intercostal muscles (plural) run obliquely dorsocaudal (back and tail, in humans so back and down) from one rib to the next. The fascia that covers the muscle dorsally is the internal thoracic fascia .

The internal intercostal muscles together with the ribs and the external intercostal muscles above them form the chest wall . The contraction of the musculi internal intercostal lowers the ribs and thus narrows the chest, whereby these muscles exhalation ( expiration ) support ( "Hilfsexspirator") and to the respiratory muscles are counted.

Individual evidence

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