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Nüxhausen is a street in the Hilgen district of Burscheid . It leads from the federal highway 51 , called Kölner Straße, a row of houses in the direction of the old railway line. Always belonging to Wermelskirchen until the regional reform , Nüxhausen used to be a separate court with the Altenberg monastery property.


The first mention can be found in 1469 in the tax list of the Bornefeld office, Teylgen's maid to "Nutzhuysen" paid 4 Albus. In 1471 Katrinen "nushusen" paid a fee to the church in Dabringhausen .

The married couple Teil and Katarina von "Nutzhuysen" take a piece of land from Abbot Arnold of Altenberg Monastery in Zehntkamp behind the barn to "Nutzhuysen" in Erbleihe. Likewise, "Kyrstgen zu Nutzhysen" paid half a guilder in 1487 as a loan to Duke Wilhelm II von Berg.

In 1510 "Peter zo Nytzhuysen" had to pay 19 quarters of oats and Tilmann six quarters of oats to the church in Wermelskirchen. Likewise, harvest up the Hilgen three quarters and a cup.

Over the centuries there are many documents and references in the files of Altenberg Monastery until the monastery was dissolved. The Altenberger Gut then fell to the Royal Prussian Domain Administration, which sold it to the fabric printer Johann Urner in 1819.

When the original cadastre was recorded from 1827 to 1829, the estate was in the Lower Honorable Wermelskirchen and was 33 acres in size. The estate came to the Emil Pfeiffer family in 1937 and in 2005 belongs to the Biesenbach family.