Nau (news portal)

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description Swiss news portal
First edition 17th October 2017
Frequency of publication updated daily
Editor-in-chief Micha Zbinden
editor Nau media AG
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Screen in a post bus

Nau is a Swiss news portal whose content is disseminated via a website, screens in public transport, at petrol stations and in fitness centers, and via a mobile app .


The advertising marketer Livesystems founded the online platform Nau in the summer of 2017 . According to Nau , the name is an abbreviation for: “ N eu, a ktuell, u nterhaltsam”. 45 journalists were recruited in the initial phase, around half of whom were interns. The journalists are stationed in regional teams in Basel , Bern , Frauenfeld , Lucerne , St. Gallen and Zurich . A team for Graubünden is to follow in 2018. The portal went online on October 17, 2017.

Nau media AG is part of Livesystems Holding AG , which was founded in 2007 by Yves Kilchenmann and Olivier Chuard. Livesystems dooh AG also belongs to the holding company . This operates Passenger TV , which presents timetable information as well as news and advertising in between on screens in 2300 vehicles (as of October 2017). Passenger-TV also presents the content from Nau . Around 1.5 million people are reached via this channel. Livesystems dooh AG also operates gas station TV with screens at petrol stations, which also show Nau's content . Since January 2018, the messages from Nau can also be seen on Signactive GmbH screens in fitness centers.

In May 2020 there were several layoffs in the wake of the economically troubled situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Switzerland . Three full-time and six part-time positions were affected in the editorial department and in video production.


Nau publishes news and mostly shorter reports on current topics. The focus is on regionality, primarily commuters are to be served. Some articles also have one or more short videos called live videos . In addition to professional articles, Nau also publishes articles by readers. Registration is required for this. Readers can write comments on the articles.


The editorial office of Nau is in Liebefeld , municipality of Köniz , near Bern. The medium is financed through advertising.

In addition to the presentation of the content on the website and the screens, there is an app for mobile devices.

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